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Indian Ridge Elementary's Fifth Graders
go to the Colorado State Capitol to Declare
March 26, 2019
Colorado Children's Health Day!

For the sixth consecutive year, the entire fifth-grade class of students from Indian Ridge Elementary spoke up at the Colorado State Capitol.​ The students were honored for raising awareness of children's health and the issues they face. Their resolution was passed in the Senate, and their tribute was read in the House.  Read more ... 



Skippy loves Veg-ta-Bubbles!

What’s a Veg-ta-Bubble? It is a fun way to say vegetable! When Skippy the Super Roo, Hero of Superfoods, thinks about what he wants to eat, a Veg-ta-Bubble pops up over his head. It is his magical way to show kids that vegetables are cool. Download Skippy's Veg-ta-Bubble Poster Here! 

"Check the bubble, I like a daily double, serve me up some more Veg-ta-Bubbles"

Serve up a rainbow of veggies on your plate and listen to Skippy's groovy Veg-ta-Bubble song!