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Watch the Trailer for The Big Race. Send to educators, health care professionals - everyone is going

Skippy the Super Roo, hero of superfoods is featured in this exciting 30-minute film, The Big Race! It is a fun and educational film geared toward elementary age children. It teaches them about the risks of consuming too much sugar and the benefits of eating healthy.

In the film, Skippy the Super Roo is a kangaroo who is best friends with a young girl named Pickles. Pickles’ arch nemesis Patricia Williams and her kangaroo Rex are determined to defeat them. Skippy the Super Roo and Rex go head to head in the ultimate, epic race between fruits & veggies versus sugar. This film will leave children feeling energized and excited to get moving.

Skippy the Super Roo and his mission to end the epidemic of children getting type 2 diabetes and obesity led him to schools around the world. It led him to the Colorado State Capitol accompanied by one hundred fourth and fifth graders who accomplished the passing of, the first ever, resolution for a Colorado Children’s Health Day, two years running. His initiatives are award winning and received recognition from the Governor and LiveWell’s Imagine Colorado.

Please watch and share this short Skippy the Super Roo educational trailer with your principal. Bring Skippy into your school, watch the free full-length movie, get kids excited about health and spread the word.

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