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Resolution for Colorado Children's Health Day passes with unanimous bipartisan support!

We are very proud of the 5th grade children of Indian Ridge Elementary! Today they made history once again. For the third year in a row, the 5th grade students went to the Colorado State Capitol to witness the passing of a Resolution for a Colorado Children's Health Day. (Click here to view the Resolution)


The Resolution had full bipartisan support in both chambers. The resolution started in the Senate sponsored by Democrat Senator, Rhonda Fields and Republican Senator, Jack Tate. They spoke in glowing terms about Indian Ridge's healthy eating and exercise initiatives. The Resolution was voted on in the Senate and was passed with unanimous support.


Republican Representative, Cole Wist and Democrat Representative, Janet Buckner sponsored the Resolution in the House. A three minute film was shown on the floor, showcasing our 5th grade students and the importance of passing this resolution.

The kids again witnessed unanimous support for the Resolution. All 5th grade students were asked to stand and were recognized by the entire House of Representatives for being leaders in Colorado children's health initiatives.

The Living Closer Foundation would like to extend a very special thank you to our legislators who are making a difference in the lives of all children in Colorado.

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