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The 'ShFat That' Movement is gaining traction in Colorado!

On Tuesday night, we were proud to receive an Imagine Colorado Innovation Challenge Award from Governor Hickenlooper, LiveWell Colorado and the Colorado Innovation Network (COIN) for our ‘ShFat That Kid’ video submission.

We were very proud of the ShFat That Kids! They were poised and well prepared for the panelists’ questioning and eager to promote ShFat That to make a difference in the lives of Colorado children. The ShFat That Kids received great feedback from the President and CEO of LiveWell Colorado, Shepard Nevel. State Representative Rhonda Fields, one of our ShFat That Champions, was there to cheer the kids on!

We were lucky enough to be presented the award by Governor Hickenlooper! Skippy the Super Roo enjoyed spreading the ShFat That message to Miles, the Broncos mascot!

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