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Colorado Children’s Health Day May 2nd, 2017

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Fifth graders from Indian Ridge Elementary made history again. For three years running, our resolution for a Colorado Children's Health Day has passed in both the House and the Senate with bipartisan support. From the Capitol to local schools, our goal is to encourage everyone to celebrate Colorado Children's Health Day! Click here to see the Resolution.

Why is this important? Colorado is considered one of the healthiest states in the nation but according to The Colorado Health Foundation's Annual Health Report Card, Colorado's children received a C+ and are ranked 22nd in the nation. In addition it is estimated that 1 in 3 children will develop type 2 diabetes in their lifetime while 1 in 4 is already overweight or obese. Children are our future and we believe we can do better!

On May 2nd, 2017, Indian Ridge Elementary School, along with the Indian Ridge community and the Living Closer Foundation, celebrated their third annual health day. Families gathered and were greeted after school by a kangaroo mascot, Skippy the Super Roo, a Hero of Superfoods. Skippy joined the children for photos and a fresh fruit snack. Together they danced his celebratory victory dance, which is featured in the free 30-minute educational film, The Big Race, Pickles and Skippy the Super Roo (see below for link to film & trailer) The afternoon was filled with activities indoors and out. Healthy food trucks lined the school’s blacktop to share delicious fresh food ideas. Music filled the air as guests bopped along to music played by Richie Castro, the storyteller and musician featured in The Big Race. Families enjoyed preparing the vegetable beds in the school garden and the kids loved hanging out with the chickens that clucked in their coop nearby.

Inside the school there were presentations given by parents, teachers, students, authors, physicians, scientists, and other health professionals.Presentations covered three main areas; healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy nutrition. The sessions were fun and interactive and included diverse topics such as the power of sleep, Zumba, martial arts, animal yoga, food deserts, the history of sugar and the health risks associated with our current and growing over consumption of it, wilderness survival medicine and emotional health. Several showings of Skippy’s hit film The Big Race, Pickles and Skippy the Super Roo had students cheering and laughing from the gym. Students and parents moved excitedly through the halls with their Skippy passports and got stamps for every presentation they attended. At the end of the night students eagerly ran up to Skippy Customs to have their passports reviewed. If they got two stamps they won a free frozen fruit dessert. If they got three stamps they were entered into a drawing to win a Fresh Fruit bouquet and a FitBit fitness watch. It truly was an evening to remember. The community came together and celebrated health in a fun-filled and energy packed way. The night ended with smiles, families with handfuls of fruits and veggies and maybe a little more awareness of just how important and fun health can be.

Join us and celebrate children's health next year!

Check out these video's!

The Big Race Pickles and Skippy the Super Roo's The Film

To see a recap of the 5th graders at the Capitol on April 6th, click here.

To see the video that was played on the floor in the Colorado State House of Representatives, click here.

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