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Health Day at Indian Ridge - Skippy the Super Roo & Veg-ta-Bubbles!

The Living Closer Foundation helped Indian Ridge Elementary celebrate Colorado Children's Health Day. Our goal was to promote healthy eating to the students and families!

A healthy salad bar, Veg-ta-Bubble soup, Veg-ta-Bubble bread and Magic Water were on the menu February 23, 2018 at Indian Ridge Elementary, just one part of their Annual Children's Health Day Celebration. Skippy the Super Roo and Pickles from the film, The Big Race - Pickles and Skippy the Super Roo visited during an assembly accompanied by their nemesis’ Patricia Williams and Rex the Kangaroo. Fourteen of our fifth graders from the Active Citizen club performed a musical skit showing all the kids in the film becoming friends by sharing the magic of Veg-ta-Bubbles.

Skippy loves Veg-ta-Bubbles!

What is a Veg-ta-Bubble? It is a fun way to say vegetable! When Skippy the Super Roo, Hero of Superfoods, thinks about what he wants to eat, a Veg-ta-Bubble pops up over his head. It is his magical way to show kids that vegetables are cool!

"Check the bubble, I like a daily double, serve me up some more Veg-ta-Bubbles".

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