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For the sixth consecutive year, the entire fifth-grade class of students from Indian Ridge Elementar

For the sixth consecutive year, the entire fifth-grade class from Indian Ridge Elementary spoke up at the Colorado State Capitol.​ The students were honored for raising awareness of children's health and the issues they face. Their resolution was passed in the Senate and their tribute was read in the House.

Skippy the Super Roo, the students’ mascot of health and superfoods, was an honored guest on both the House and Senate floors, and arranged to have carrots and water delivered to each Senator and Representative to encourage healthy snacking.

In the Colorado State Senate, Indian Ridge Elementary and West Middle School students were accompanied by Dr. Richard Johnson and members of Living Closer Foundation. Senators Rhonda Fields, Jack Tate, and Jeff Bridges acknowledged the children’s advocacy and left the students with an inspiring message to keep it up. The students were excited as their resolution for a Colorado Children’s Health Day passed with unanimous bipartisan support. When Senator Rhonda Fields acknowledged that Skippy and the students put a healthy snack of carrots and water with a fun stress ball shaped like an orange on their desk, the legislators grinned.

In the House of Representatives, three students were honored to open the session and lead the pledge of allegiance.

Principal Matt McDonald, members of Living Closer Foundation, students, teachers, and parents were present to hear the reading of the tribute for a Colorado Children’s Health Day March 26th, 2019, sponsored by Representative Tom Sullivan. After a few short recesses, Representative Sullivan recognized the children for their activism and gave a very moving personal reflection.

Newly elected Colorado Governor, Jared Polis, Senators Rhonda Fields, Jack Tate, Jeff Bridges, and House Representatives Tom Sullivan and Meg Froelich honored the students on the west Capitol steps with a visit. The students shared a presentation illustrating their desire to have a Healthy Mind, Healthy Body and Healthy Life. They invited the Governor and legislators to join them in taking three deep breaths to calm the body and the mind. Deep breaths were taken by all and a commitment to children’s health in Colorado was made.

The students danced with Skippy the SuperRoo on the lawns at the Capitol, followed by lunch and bowling before heading back to school. It was a wonderful day and we are all very grateful to our legislators for such a warm welcome.

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