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Meet Skippy the Super Roo, our Hero of Superfoods! Skippy loves eating Veg-ta-Bubbles and promotes healthy eating to help end the development of type 2 diabetes and obesity in children.

In our free thirty-minute educational film,The Big Race - Pickles and Skippy, the Super Roo, Skippy, and his best friend Pickles are challenged to make it across Mud Creek ahead of their arch-rival and sugar-crazed opponent, Rex.

Will Skippy make it after a night of vegging out!? Find out in The Big Race - Pickles and Skippy, the Super Roo, starring our Active Citizen students, and check out the accompanying curriculum that caters to children aged three to ten.


Check out what Skippy the Super Roo has to offer!

Movie Trailer: The Big Race - Pickles and Skippy the Super Roo

No time to watch the film right now? Watch the trailer for a taste of the film. Who is going to win the Big Race?

View the Movie: The Big Race- Pickles and Skippy the Super Roo

The Big Race is a 30 minute film about a 9 year old Australian girl named Pickles who discovers the health benefits of eating fruit and vegetables when her pet kangaroo - Skippy the Super Roo - is challenged to a race by his sugar fueled rival, Rex. The film is based on the real life childhood adventures of Living Closer founder Jenny Rankin and her pet wallaby, Skippy.

This film can  be shared with schools across the globe. Click to watch or download the film! 

Learn the Skippy Dance!

Teach your kids, friends and classmates the dance. Here it is broken down in a few easy steps. Feel free to record yourselves doing it and send it to us!


Teachers' Resources: Skippy the Super Roo Curriculum!

After watching The Big Race, continue learning in your classroom with this K-5th curriculum designed by teachers. All lesson plans have clear learning objectives, target various subjects and align with Colorado State Standards. They are ready to go for a substitute teacher or great building blocks to customize into your teaching units! Check it out here!

Download Skippy's
Veg-ta-Bubble Poster!