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Active Citizen

When kids speak up, everyone listens! 

Active Citizen is an initiative created by Living Closer Foundation to give children in Colorado an opportunity to speak up and be active agents of change. Utilizing creative advocacy through education and the arts; primarily videos, film and live performance, LCF creates a platform for dialogue between students and their peers, their school community and district as well as with state policy makers and health professionals. While LCF sets the work in motion, they promote child led performance and engagement. It is their voice and their future!

Check out students at the Colorado State Capitol, on Children’s Health day, and all their other events, speaking up!

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Active Citizen
At the Colorado State Capitol:

Every year 100 fourth and fifth graders go to the Colorado State Capitol to meet with legislators and present their current Active Citizen topic. Six years running, the students made history with the passage of their resolution for a Colorado Children’s Health Day in both the Senate and the House. The students efforts continue in their community with a school garden, a healthy snack program and annual health day celebration. 

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March 27, 2019

Active Citizen
Celebrating Colorado Children’s Health Day:

Celebrate Colorado Children’s Health Day! With the rising epidemic of type 2 diabetes and obesity among children and an increase in screen time accompanied by increased sugar consumption and fast food, it is a day not to miss.

All children love to play! Let’s not forget how important it is to keep moving, well hydrated and eating foods that are great for their bodies and brains. Celebrate in your home or at your school. If you need a mascot, Skippy the Super Roo is available! 

Scroll below for recaps of Health Day being celebrated at Indian Ridge Elementary school the last few years.


Sugar Demonststraion with Senator Rhonda Fields

FIZZ Symposium, New Zealand

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Peer to Peer Teaching

Cherry Creek School Board Presentation

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"The Good News" radio show with Angie Austin

More Information

Senator Udall on MLK Day

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Press Conference with Governor Hickenlooper

on Kids Count Day

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Project Citizen now “Active Citizen” over the Years. 

Present Year - 2010


2014 - Present Year - ShFat That Movement with Skippy the Super Roo, Hero of Superfoods

An initiative to end childhood type 2 diabetes and obesity by educating children and communities about the serious risks of eating too much sugar and the promotion of health and wellness. Skippy the Super Roo inspires children to play outside everyday, drink water not soda and to eat more fruits and veggies. Every school can be a Skippy School. Check out his fun and free 30 minute film, The Big Race, Pickles and Skippy the Super Roo, learn his victory dance, listen to his cool playlist and check out his education curriculum on Skippy's page. Watch our 2014 Active Citizen Introductory video here. 

2013 - No Rain, No Gain

Advocating for legalizing rain barrel catchment for residents and farmers as well as promoting xeriscaping and the use of greywater to conserve clean water and reduce environmental impact from water treatment plants.

2012 - We Green it Like We Mean It

Advocating for renewable energy purchase price to enable schools to generate their own solar electricity, save money, support the environment and contribute to the collective grid.

2011 - Keep Our Hives Alive

Advocacy to stop the use of neonicotinoids in pesticides causing colony collapse disorder. Bees and pollination are essential for food security. Watch the recap video here.

2010 - Don’t Wash Our Future Down the Drain

Advocacy to stop Colorado residents from washing their cars in their driveway to protect Colorado watersheds and preserve clean water.