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We began to work with Project Elea in 2017 as a way to assist the refugees pouring out of the Middle East and North Africa. Project Elea is comprised of a group of volunteers from around the world who work collaboratively with the residents of Eleonas Refugee Camp in Athens to improve living standards and community well-being.


In addition to providing basic services such as food and clothing distribution, great emphasis goes into creative engagement through activities focusing on education, sports, culture, environment, and skill-sharing for both children and adults. While most of the help Project Elea receives is in the form of volunteer time (3-week minimum), we have donated much-needed clothing and shoes and funds to support a computer lab to help with English language learning and career training.

Our latest collaboration with Project Elea is the Colours Project - Check out their description below:

COLOUR IS COMING TO ELEONAS! 🌈For over two years the Eleonas community has been transforming their environment into a more comfortable, social and ultimately more beautiful place to live. A place where the idea of ‘making the most of what you have’ is a constant source of inspiration to everyone.Thanks to the support from Living Closer Foundation we now have the opportunity to bring extra life to the camp by painting all of the houses in different colours; better reflecting the beauty and spirit of the people who have found themselves living here.


While we reject policies that leave people living in camps, we remain committed to working within this reality, to support an environment from which the people can flourish.


Check out the video for a sneak peek of the work so far!

Past Projects That Make Us Smile 

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Teach your kids to Talk, Walk and Get Help!!


Indian Ridge Elementary School is the first school in the nation to integrate the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet into the classroom on a 1 : 1 basis. 

The mission of this project is to explore how young minds can become innovators with the newest technology and a galaxy of information at their fingertips

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From Astronaut's Dream House to Educational Facility

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Living Closer to our Neighbors through Our Community’s Talent Show. What would it be like to step into a new possibility? We have a talent show in our community of approximately seventy families and three hundred and fifty participants. The Living Closer Foundation comes up with a theme or concept, new skills that would be fun and engaging to learn and devise a plan to have neighbors come together in new ways.

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Directed and produced a playful film documenting the history of a corporations origins for their 15th anniversary celebration.

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