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2019 Colorado Children's Health Day

A fantastic day was had by all celebrating Colorado Children's Health Day at Indian Ridge Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado. Devoted to healthy nutrition and exercise, the annual event is sponsored by Living Closer Foundation (LCF) and includes lunch for students and their families, fun educational activities and an informative assembly led by the Active Citizen team. New this year, the concept of mindfulness was introduced with lessons and daily practice leading up to Children’s Health Day. The children readily embraced the concept!

As the students entered the school they were greeted with an apple or an orange and a hug from Skippy the SuperRoo, our mascot of superfoods. The school was decked out with amazing balloon sculptures of delicious vegetables and fruits including broccoli and grapes!

Students practiced mindfulness techniques including eye breaks and breathing techniques to help them relax to their minds, relieve eye strain and improve focus.

Skippy spent the day at Indian Ridge and enjoyed time in the classroom with the students.

Students, parents, and staff feasted at the colorful, healthy salad bar complete with Ve-ta-Bubble soup, Veg-ta-Bubble muffins and Skippy’s “Magic Water” (fruit and veggie infused water). The kids thought it was a blast sharing lunch with their family at school.

Skippy’s favorite tunes were playing as he led students in a conga line through the cafeteria and danced on the playground at recess. Everyone loves dancing with Skippy! Staying active is just one part of Living Closer Foundation’s Healthy Mind, Healthy Body and Healthy Life campaign this year.

When it was time to prepare for the Health Day assembly, the Active Citizen students donned brightly colored vegetable and fruit costumes.

Skippy, Pickles, Rex, and Patricia put on an encore performance continuing the story of The Big Race…

Two new animals joined Pickle's farm.

With a custom theater set, the show was looking mighty professional this year!

The question, “What happened to Pickles and Patricia after the Big Race?” was answered by the Active Citizen 2019 skit.

Following the skit, the students at Indian Ridge were introduced to the concept of vegetables as a musical instrument and created an orchestra with celery and carrot recorders!

Indian Ridge Elementary, along with the Living Closer Foundation, may soon be part of a new Guinness Book of World Records as the largest vegetable orchestra!

The entire assembly practiced the mindfulness techniques learned the week leading up to Colorado Children’s Health Day including deep breathing and eye breaks.

It was a wonderful day.

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